Awana 2020 Registration
Tuesdays at 6:00pm, September 22nd, 2020 – May 4th, 2021
Awana stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed and is a Bible-based mid-week program for kids 3 years old (potty trained) through 9th grade at Valencia Hills. The emphasis in Awana is on child discipleship, where kids learn foundational biblical truths in a fun atmosphere, connecting with peers and a caring Awana leader throughout the year.
Initial Awana registration closes on September 10th. Registration priority is given to leaders’ children.
Awana Update – 8/25/2020
Dear Awana families,

I hope that the new school year has gotten off to a good start. I am so grateful and appreciative for your patience and your feedback as we continue to make plans for Awana this fall. I thought it would be helpful to send out some more details about our updated plans. Please note that we are doing our best to think through different scenarios and needs of our clubbers and families, but despite our best efforts, changes will most likely need to be made along the way.

Below, you will find the WHY, the WHAT, and the SCHEDULES of what Club will most likely look like this year. I will also add a few extra details about our virtual club. We hope this all helps you understand what will happen, what is expected, and ultimately will help you make the best choice for your family.

First, I wanted to take a moment to look at WHY we meet on Tuesday nights as an AWANA CLUB.

Our prayer in Awana is for kids to come to KNOW, LOVE, & SERVE the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a place where kids study and memorize God’s Word in a fun atmosphere and where they are discipled by a loving, caring adult throughout the year. Each year we partner with parents as we work toward these goals. This mission is the same today as it was last year, but how we can accomplish it has changed in a very practical sense.
We have had to make some decisions based purely on the following mandates from the State (esp. in regards to wearing masks and physical distancing), and some decisions have been made from a practical standpoint (streamlined pick-up and drop-off). And finally, some decisions were made to provide opportunities so that everyone still had the ability to meet (in-person, or online with leader interaction/home visits).
We know that each of us has different circumstances, so please know that we are seeking out the best practices to accommodate as many clubbers as we can this year. Now more than ever our kids need to know who God is, that He loves them and has a great purpose for their lives. As we continue to plan for our upcoming Awana year we know that not everything we are proposing is ideal.
We understand that everyone might have a different viewpoint of what a best practice might be, so please continue to reach out to either myself or our Awana leadership team and let us know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. Ultimately our desire is to serve your family the best way possible this year in Awana.
Secondly, let’s look at the WHAT – what will all this look like?

Here are some key pieces to help bridge the gap of understanding:
1) Our start date will be Tuesday, September 22nd from 6-7pm in the VHCC parking lot. 
2) Registration is completely online. Please go to www.valenciahills.com and click on the Awana Registration Tab.
3) All volunteers and clubbers are required to wear masks while at Awana. If state regulations change, please note that clubbers and leaders will still be able to wear masks according to their comfort level.
4) Family drop-off/pick-up: We will have clubbers chaperoned to and from a valet drop-off point for club each week. Pastor Dennis used this type of system at his old church in Idaho and it worked extremely well. The first night of Awana, we can have parents park across the street and physically bring children to meet their leaders, especially if this is your first time as part of our Awana club. If you would like to stay at club with your child, you are welcome to do so, I will need you to fill out a leader registration form, COVID waiver and we will need to complete a background check for you prior to the first night of club.
5) While at Awana clubbers and leaders are required to physically distance themselves 6 feet from one another. While we will encourage this and redirect kids (and leaders) if they forget, please know that there will be no shaming or mocking of anyone as we remind them.
6) Clubbers will be separated into their specific clubs each week. Each clubber will have a seat with their name on it and the position of their seat will remain the same each week (please see the schedules below to understand what we are planning on doing throughout the evening)
7) We are still forming our team of Awana Volunteers and can always use extra help. This year we will have added benefits of doing club virtually and through physically distanced home visits. If you are interested in helping out in any capacity please let me know or go to www.valenciahills.com to register as a leader.
Thirdly, here are some sample SCHEDULES of what each club might look like:
CUBBIES – Located close to the front door. Our Cubbies will have a barrier of colorful panels keeping them safe each week. Each Cubbie will have their own chair and will most likely have a 1:2 Leader-Cubbie ratio.
6:05 – Welcome & Worship
6:10 – Puppet Show
6:15 – Stretch & Sing
6:25 – Bible Story Time
6:35 – Memory Verse Check-In
6:45 – Individual Free Play
6:55 – Going Home Time
SPARKS – Located next to our Cubbies in the side parking lot. Sparks will most likely have a 1:3 leader-clubber ratio. Each Spark will have their own chair.
6:05 – Welcome & Worship
6:10 – Teaching Time
6:20 – Stretch & Sing (Sparks Song/Books of the Bible)
6:30 – Game Time (physically distanced games)
6:40 – Small Group Discipleship
6:55 – Pack up & Line up
T&T – Located at the back of the church building. T & T will most likely have a 1:3 leader-clubber ratio. Each T & T’er will have their own chair.
6:05 – Welcome & Worship
6:10 – Game Time (Physically distanced games)
6:20 – Teaching Time
6:30 – Small Group Discipleship
6:55 – Pack up & Line up
Trek – Located on the right hand side of the church building. Each Trekkie will have their own chair.
6:05 – Welcome & Game Time (physically distanced games)
6:20 – Teaching Time
6:35 – Small Group Discipleship
6:55 – Pack up & Line Up
Please Note: Chairs will be provided
Online Club option with Leader Interaction and Online Club option with Leader Home-visit:
Teaching Time: Review Large Group Lesson video (this will be sent out the Wednesday prior to club night)
Handbook Time: Parents review Handbooks and memory verses with clubbers at home. Awana has a great resource for parents to use. Check out: www.awanaplus.com.
Leader Check-in: Parents and leaders establish the manner in which they would like their clubber contacted each week. If non-contact is preferred, leader is to contact clubber once per week. If home-visit by a leader is preferred, a time will be established by parents and leaders. A leader will meet up with a family at their home to review that week’s lesson.
Please Note: The number of clubbers signed up for our online option will determine how we run this part of club.
We are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with you again this year in Awana.
Please reach out and let me know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.
Many Blessings,
Carol & the VHCC Awana Leadership Team.